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“Put life into the imagined circumstances and actions until you have completely satisfied your sense of truth.”


Alter Ego offers quality teaching in a friendly and creative environment where everybody is encouraged to 'have a go' ... you don't need any acting experience, just enthusiasm and energy!

Through drama games and imaginative exercises we explore the basic skills of acting: voice and movement, improvisation, building characters, working with text and devising.  Alter Ego gives you the tools to unlock your creativity and a supportive space in which to 'play'.  We don't rehearse for productions but we do share our creativity with each other in order to discover more about the endlessly fascinating world of 'make believe'.


You may find you are challenged to step outside your comfort zone, but you will feel great when you do because it's not about getting it right or wrong, it's about freeing your imagination and self-expression and enjoying the experience.

The benefits of attending Alter Ego are manifold ... improving self-confidence, learning transferable skills for everyday life, meeting new people with a common interest, discovering hidden talents and having fun!


Why not come along and unleash your alter ego?!

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