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"Alter Ego is so much fun! It's such a tonic to escape from real life and immerse yourself in games, writing, characters, movement, objects, accents, masks and emotion. Caroline is a talented and sensitive teacher, encouraging and injecting her warm energy into the group."



"I can’t tell you how much my life has improved as a result of your Tuesday evening classes. My head is clearer and more confident for having to think on my feet for 90 mins every week and, thanks to your encouraging guidance, I find myself able to speak up in front of groups of people which I always found difficult before."



"Alter Ego is my weekly fix of fun, creativity and learning. The drama skills and performance techniques I've learnt are incredibly beneficial to my work, particularly when it comes to giving presentations or creating something innovative. The weekly hour-and-a-half sessions are always excellent value for money and a fantastic source of entertainment.”


"Thanks for adding extra interest, smiles, release and creative play to my week.”


"I joined Alter Ego at a time in my life when I needed to do something for myself, since then I have enjoyed every bit of it! I like that once a week we can explore our creativity, express ourselves and have fun. Caroline is a great teacher, always very patient and with lots of brilliant ideas, she puts so much heart into every session. Alter Ego has become such a big part of my life and I would encourage everyone to try it!" 


“Thank you.This group has changed my life, I love being able to have a night with no judgement, and with silliness and laughter and some serious work... it helps me get through the week of work!”



"Alter Ego sessions have become a meaningful and highly enjoyable part of our week during the last few years.  Caroline’s enthusiasm, passion and endless creativity have helped us to develop our performing skills in so many ways.  We remember feeling instantly ‘at home’ from the very first class, and Caroline's natural generosity ensures everyone feels included and supported throughout.  We often come away feeling as invigorated as if we had done a gym workout and that's usually because of so much laughter! We have met some wonderful friends through Alter Ego and would joyfully recommend these classes to anyone looking for some adult drama in their lives!"

Samantha & Dwayne

“Thank you, Caroline. Alter Ego is brilliant and has been such a positive part of my life for almost 10 years! Your energy and enthusiasm each session and ability to teach us all new skills each week whilst making it fun is remarkable. Every week is different and I always come away feeling a better version of myself. I have had a chance to try something new that has challenged me, taught me new skills and given me a brilliant laugh every week. I look forward to every session.”


"I loved my weekly Alter Ego drama sessions and liked to think of it as a creative workout where I could let go of daily pressures and have fun with like-minded people. Caroline is a really experienced and intuitive teacher who honed our skills and always made the group feel welcome and relaxed." 


“I knew it would be fun but had no idea how much. It reminded me why I loved drama so much at school.”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed Alter Ego and found the whole experience very rewarding and enriching – just the right balance of fun and education. Some of the work is challenging and forces me to be outside my comfort zone, though afterwards myself and fellow students are always proud that we stretched ourselves, often achieving things beyond our own expectations. A great confidence booster. The teacher is energetic and enthusiastic and makes the sessions great fun whilst still managing to teach the technical acting skills. Thanks Alter Ego – keep up the good work.”


“I love attending the weekly Alter Ego sessions.  As well as being great fun and providing an outlet for my creativity, I am learning new skills such as voice projection and controlled breathing which I am finding useful in my job.”

“Attending Alter Ego is my time to laugh, improvise, be silly or serious and discover what it takes to act. Caroline is an energising and motivating facilitator.”

“I have found that time spent with Alter Ego has been a most rewarding time for me. The teaching is extremely professional and tailored to the individual - it takes time and patience to encourage individuals to break out of themselves and find their confidence. I would certainly recommend this group (and indeed have) in the future.”

“I have really enjoyed the workshops on Tuesday evenings.  They're really well-structured and I always feel as though I'm learning something new.” 


“I really enjoy Alter Ego – it’s not “just” about acting, it’s about personal development with a bunch of great people." 


“A unique experience ... the benefits of the workshops extend far beyond the two hours on Tuesday evening."


“Participating in Alter Ego was great fun and enabled me to be a real Drama Queen for a few hours a week!!”

“It’s brilliant. I absolutely love it.”

"I was feeling quite daunted about coming but you made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. I appreciate that. It makes such a difference. I really enjoyed it. The whole group felt so comfortable and friendly."


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